My newest venture…


I never meant to write a memoir, but then I did. Until I started that project, I had written poetry almost exclusively, and by the time I finished grad school the urge to write overly confessional, personal stuff had been taught out of me by my professors, who asked us to read poets like Russell Edson and Tomaz Salamun, skipping Sharon Olds. Whereas I had once written poems about break-ups, sex, and my relationship with my mother, I wrote poems about flying dreams and time travel.

Not that subject matter is everything, but hopefully you see what I’m getting at.

Interestingly, in the last poetry workshop I took, I had a hint of what was to come. I had turned in a poem I’ve now lost. Something very structured, controlled. And the teacher said to me: “It’s too perfect.” In a conference I got a little more clarity around this…

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