Interview with Short Story Writer, Rebecca Lloyd

Here’s a great author interview by Tara Conklin over on Popcorn. Enjoy!


I’m delighted to feature an interview with Rebecca Lloyd, a short story writer and novelist based in Bristol, UK.  Becca and I first “met” virtually way back in 2008 or 2009 when I was living in London and first began thinking that maybe I should take this writing thing seriously.  She hosted the short story group of Writewords, an online writing community based in the UK, and it was in that forum where I first showed my work to another living person not related to me by blood or marriage.  It was a very nerve-wracking endeavor, to post my little baby story up there in the cold, hard world of the faceless internet and wait for feedback.  But Becca’s comments were always wonderfully supportive and insightful and I greatly valued her take on my work.  Becca later asked that I include a story first shared on Writewords in an…

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