How I Silenced That Voice in My Head–Today, on!


I’ve got an essay on today! It’s called “How I Silenced that Voice in My Head,” and it’s about my decision to start meditating and stop being so damn anxious.

Enjoy, and I’d love to hear what you think.



11 thoughts on “How I Silenced That Voice in My Head–Today, on!

  1. Loved it Suz. Good information for all those people (mostly women!) who think they’ve said the wrong thing at a party or can’t get their shortcomings out of their minds. Why do we do this to ourselves. I love that you didn’t turn to meds though.

      • I should say, though. A commenter on Elle suggested I sounded holier-than-thou about not using medication. I don’t mean to be; I just could never really bite the bullet and try it, especially because I felt like I didn’t _always_ need it. But I’m not anti-medication at all, and I have frequently wondered if I’d save myself some heartache if I just tried it. But it kind of scares me, especially side effects etc.

  2. Really well done Susie. Thank you for the courage to share your story. I have had a fairly regular meditation practice for the past 14 years and my experience is that some days are much quieter than others and it is a very important part of starting my day. I have come to accept that some fear/anxiety will always be there on some level but I am not allowing it to be in the driver’s seat. It is not ruling me today….it is in the backseat.

  3. I meditate as well. In rough times, it’s hard to sit and be still. But when I’m meditating regularly, the effect is like adding needed insulation on all the ‘livewires’ of worry in my brain. Great article.

    • Great question. My practice has fallen off somewhat, but I always return to it, and that’s what’s good. I go through periods where I meditate every day and others when I only do about three times a week. One of my goals for fall is to keep at it. Thanks for the comment, and all best to you.

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